translated from Spanish: Mouche: «I always support fair and people’s claims»

Pablo Mouche, an Argentine attacker from Colo Colo, referred to the complex moment in Chile, after several days of social protests across the country. In conversation with, Mouche stated that «I always support the righteous and people’s claims, which is who needs it the most, but as long as it’s without violence and destruction, as my family and I were part of the village and we had needs long ago.» However, he clarified that «I am foreign and I have been in Chile very little, I would not be responsible on my part if I spoke to you about politics, that would be when I really know what happens». The transandino acknowledged that on the collocolino campus «obviously we are concerned about the situation and the families. We hope that everything will calm down as soon as possible and always with peace.» He was also asked whether he would help in any action to support social demands, ensuring that «as long as it is within my reach and peaceful, obvious.» Finally, on the football level, Mouche argued that «today the concern and interest is in the well-being of the family and society that this stops as soon as possible and that there is no more violence. The commitment to training is always, it’s our job, but it’s hard to focus on how things are.»

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