translated from Spanish: The Luksic effect: companies that have joined the minimum wage increase in the midst of a social crisis

To be sure, the social crisis has forced companies to take domestic action regarding citizen demands. For many, President Piñera’s announcement of raising the minimum wage from 301,000 pesos to 350 pesos is not enough. In this context, some institutions have joined the implemented by the entrepreneur and owner of Quiñenco, Andrónico Luksic, who will raise to 500 thousand the minimum wage for all their workers. «For a real better Chile, let’s turn up the standards,» he said.
To this initiative, the startup Compara, which during this day announced a new and hopeful minimum floor.
«We joined the challenge of Andronic Luksic and since November 1 no team member will earn less than 22 gross UF ($617,437),» argued the institution’s founder, Sebastián Valín, via Twitter, in conjunction with the «first step» hashtag.
«From January 1, the same will run for employees of our recurring contractors (e.g., grooming),» he added.
Another entity that joined was the financial services firm, Tanner.
«We understand the discomfort and how difficult it is to face the cost of living these days and although a few years ago we started a process to «catch up» in these matters, which today has us with a minimum gross income in Tanner greater than $500 thousand , which is 66% higher than the legal one ($301 thousand), we want to keep moving along this path,» the company said.
The institution belonging to Ricardo Massu, added that in December, the minimum wage will be $602 thousand pesos.
For its part, the artificial lagoon company, Crystal Lagoons, overcame Luksic’s bet.
«Don Andronicus, at Crystal Lagoons we took the challenge and from November 1 no worker of our company will earn less than $600,000 liquids,» the company reported on Twitter.

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