translated from Spanish: Treasury financed US$1.2 billion package of measures announced by the President

Finance Minister Felipe Larraín reported that the package of measures announced by the government to deal with the current social crisis will cost US$1.2 billion.
«The cost of the package will be US$1.2 billion, we are talking about a significant amount of resources. Pensions will have an additional injection of about US$500 million from the project that the Government had proposed,» he said in an interview with Mega alluding to the already $3.5 billion committed to the reform of the system that drives the Executive.
With regard to the minimum guaranteed income for all full-time workers, he argued that «the minimum income will be supplemented by state contributions of $49 thousand. It should be remembered that the minimum wage increases next year, around March, so what we are going to do is that the state will complement the resources to get to $350 thousand.»
«What we are doing is a very important sacrifice of public resources. We are using public resources because we want to meet people’s needs and we want social peace in our country,» said the head of the portfolio.

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