translated from Spanish: Blumel asked Congress to dispatch two projects from the social agenda no egress to Tuesday

The Minister General of the Presidency (Segpres), Gonzalo Blumel, called for this day for the Congress to dispatch, no more than next Tuesday, two major projects of the social agenda presented by the Executive.The Secretary of State d he said that the project that creates the Health Insurance for Catastrophic Diseases and the Universal Cradle Room project was immediately discussed.» The immediate discussion means that projects have to be approved in 6 days, either in the House or Senate. That is why we call for deadlines to be met and for both projects to be dispatched within 6 days, i.e. no later than next Tuesday,» Blumel explained, also confirming that the government put the project that downgrades the diet of parliamentarians, «which «which we will complement the highest authorities of the state, such as ministers, and the project that sets a limit on re-election with a discharge. The goal is that they can move forward with all the urgency.» Blumel added that «pension benefits» will be presented to Congress this week. He further explained that President Sebastián Piñera will sign tomorrow the project that establishes the mechanism for stabilizing electricity tariffs, while this week it will be presented to Congress.» The pension benefits announced by the President, the immediate increase in the solidarity pillar, the basic pension, the pension contribution, also the benefits for the middle class. We want to present this project this week and we want to present it ideally on Friday. We are working as urgently as possible,» he said.

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