translated from Spanish: Government invited Bachelet to send a delegation to find dD status. Hh.

Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera said the government invited the High Commissioner of DD. Hh. Michelle Bachelet, to invite a delegation to find the human rights situation in the country on the ground, in the midst of the states of emergency that govern almost all regions of the country. Ribera further said that the same invitation was extended to human Rights Watch director José Miguel Vivanco. “It does well to democracy and fundamental rights,” said the chancellor, who added that President Sebastián Piñera himself will contact Bachelet to make the invitation. Ribera said it is important for the Executive to act with “transparency and respect for fundamental rights. This has been made known (President Piñera) to the respective ministers, and to the FF.AA. and the police.Summits are maintainedRibera further reported that the government will maintain the organization of the COP25 and APEC summits, following the days of demonstrations in different areas of the country.” Seven million Chileans are associated with APEC exports. The agenda we have is a deeply citizen and social agenda,” said the RR.EE.” APEC is part of the solution and not the problem,” he added.

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