translated from Spanish: University of Chile applied to the IACHR to investigate dD violations. Hh.

The University of Chile, through a letter addressed to the executive secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Paulo Abrsó, entered a request for a public hearing with the aim of having the entity investigate the possible violations human rights, abuses and abuses committed by the Armed Forces in the context of national mobilizations and protests. The Vice-Chancellor of Extension and Communications, Faride Zeran, assured that the University of Chile, through its Chairs of Human Rights, Racism and Contemporary Migrations, and Amanda Labarca, and «with a sense of public responsibility and assuming its commitment to the defense of human rights, calls on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to convene a public hearing on the events that are happening in the country.» The Vice-Chancellor also explained that with this initiative «Chile’s main public university is telling the world to observe and be alarmed at the events that occur on our streets under the protection of the curfew and the institutional state of emergency. We are concerned that human rights are being violated in Chile.» The academic coordinator of the Chair of Human Rights, Claudio Nash, noted that this «is a special mechanism for the protection of human rights for serious situations such as the one that our country is experiencing today. The request has been made in fulfilling the role of our university in the protection of human rights of the people of Chile.» The violence of the events that we are constantly observing is repudiable and must be denounced and tried. We call with extremely urgent urgency for the chairperson of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to intercede with the Government and we hope to meet a public hearing at the next sessions in Ecuador,» said the academic coordinator of the Chair of Racism and Contemporary Migration of the University of Chile, María Emilia Tijoux.In addition, the academic of the Casa de Bello gave an account of her concern for «the situation of migrants regarding their recognition, consideration and respect comprehensive human rights.» For her part, the academic coordinator of the Amanda Labarca Chair, Roxana Pey, argued that «we request a hearing from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights because the abuses against citizenship are serious, sustained, and the armed forces perpetrating have had unreserved government support. We are talking about serious acts, disproportionate violence, sexual abuse, harassment, gunfire to protesters, intimidation and provocation, detension and admission to illegal and unjustified homes. We cannot remain indifferent and at this point we require international aid in defence of the Chilean people who have mobilized with just demands against deranged neoliberalism.» The result of these intolerable and repudiable actions by armed forces personnel on behalf of the Government of Chile, the letter continues, is an increasing number of people who are deceased, injured and reported for abuses, all of whom must be investigated and criminally sanctioned, as they constitute serious crimes.»

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