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Morelia, Michoacán.- «In citizen movement we recognize that it is not easy to solve the problem of insecurity that afflicts the capital of Michoacana; however, more than 12 months have passed since the arrival of the municipal government of Morena and the results are negative and there are no public policies or decisions of the mayor that generate certainty that the problem is being addressed» said Miguel Angel Chávez Zavala, Municipal Operational Coordinator this morning at a press conference.
After reporting that eight out of ten Mullians feel unsafe and live in fear of the violence we face every day in the state capital, he urged citizens to demand that the authorities comply with security guarantees and the president Raúl Morón for a professional evaluation of the performance of the senior managers of the Municipal Public Safety Commission to make corrective decisions that allow the successful operation of the area responsible for municipal security.
Miguel Angel Chávez, Municipal Operational Coordinator of Citizen Movement, was accompanied by Juan Arias Duarte Secretary of Electoral Affairs, Pablo Sánchez Silva Secretary of Citizen Circles, Maricruz Barajas Pérez Delegated Women in Movement, Ana Cristina Mondragón Barrón Membership Coordinator and Samuel Orduña Nambo, all members of the Operational Commission,
Finally, he commented: «At Movimiento Ciudadano we agree with our founder and senator Dante Delgado who proposes a security agreement in our country; in this context we express our willingness to work with the municipal authority and to seek the mechanisms and measures to address and contain the crisis of insecurity that we are going through.»

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