translated from Spanish: Car pension in Costerita catches fire

Sinaloa.- During the night of yesterday, a fire was re-registered at a car boarding house located on the La Costerita road, south of the city. On the balance of the damage caused by the accident, it was not disclosed. In addition, the fact was kept hermetism at the Fire Station

The alert
The emergency numbers came the alert that in that pension, which is on the federal highway La Costerita, was being detected in the area, where there were several units that are carried there under different circumstances, so the Firefighters moved to the site aboard a car bomb to stifle fire.

The moment a ‘swallow’ car bomb arrives at the boarding house during the fire. Photo: The Debate

After a few minutes, the flames spread to other vehicles where the fire had started, so more pipes were requested to arrive. Moments later came another car pump and a pipe to supply more water. After two hours of fighting the fire, the accident was extinguished. Municipal Civil Protection personnel showed up at the business to collect data. It should be noted that this pension has already been the subject of such claims.

This fact did not inform whether it was provoked or if the fire was started due to some other problem of a vehicle that is located within the business.

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