translated from Spanish: Citizen Pulse: 61% believe that government’s social agenda does not ensure greater equity

Results of a new Pulso Ciudadano Survey revealed that 61.5% of citizens believe that the social agenda presented by President Sebastián Piñera will not be enough to ensure greater equity in Chilean society.
In the survey, carried out in the midst of the social outburst, 26.6% believe that the proposal will be synonymous with equality, while 11.9% did not know what to say or respond to.
According to the Ministry, the new social agenda will change ten main axes, including pensions, health and medicines. In addition, it announced an increase in the minimum wage, he said work will be staked to reduce the parliamentary diet and in the freezing of electricity tariffs.
In addition, they will seek to extend the tax to the richest, the creation of an advocacy of the victims, strengthen the Municipal Common Fund, expedite the processing of projects of social interest and inject funds for the reconstruction of the damage caused to the last days.
Faced with this, 36% of the sample stated that they agreed «very much» or «agree» with the measures, 32.5% between «disagreement» and «very disagree», while 31.5% said they disagreed or disagreed.
On the assessment of the demonstrations, 83.6% admitted to «very agree» or «agree», while 6.7% are in «disagreement» or «very disagree.»
In addition, 50.3% believe the protests were peaceful, but 46.2% said they have been «mostly with criminal and vandalism.»
The survey also brought a section dedicated to the Government, its assessment of crisis management and data on presidential approval.
58.3% said they believed that the Executive has not reacted to providing solutions to the conflict.
At the same time, 37.4% said that they have done so, but slowly. Only 3.4% said they felt that Piñera-led management has delivered quick solutions.

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