translated from Spanish: Houses of terror in Mexico only for brave: run away, if you can

Mexico City.- No more than two hours from the CDMX, several houses open their doors to show your courage. Pachuca
Inside the Old Red Cross Hospital of Pachuca, a small girl was murdered and, since then, she wanders around. You dare come in? It is La Casa de la Niña Catalina, a tour of about 20 minutes, in the dark.

We made a character taking advantage that many years ago this house was a hospital, and that in 1949 it was flooded.

«We don’t know if people died, but what we do know is that when we acquired it the former owners assured us that they were scary, even, that was the reason they left it,» said Carlos Antonio Sandoval, the developer of the house. 

Located in what was the former Red Cross hospital, this house presents a tour that lasts 20 minutes. Photo: Alejandro Velázquez/ Reforma

In groups of between eight and 10 people, with the help of a guide, visitors enter the first of nine rooms, to see an introductory video, then tour the spaces set with antique furniture, coffins, candles and more. «We have two types of tours, the normal and the VIP to the view of an attic and a dinner in three times served by the characters involved, they take you to the table blindfolded and you don’t know who is directing you» Detailed. puebla
In this creepy psychiatric hospital the only way out is with old lamps, type of kerosene, to light the way and not to be caught by the residents of the place. It is Asylum 1936 Blackout, a house of terror created by Haunted Mexico Studios, which has received more than 50 thousand visitors in all its attractions, which premiered two years ago, but this time returns completely improved. 
There are 12 rooms that pretend to be a period psychiatric, you can find the operating room, the bathrooms and the kitchen…

There are 11 actors, some are patients, assistants, cooks or nurses, the duration is very varied, but it is between six and 10 minutes, and they enter groups of four people,» said Luis David Ramirez, CEO of Haunted México.Es an experience suitable for older 13 years and is not allowed access to pregnant or heart-related women.» Now it’s totally in the dark, even, we did a part that simulates the outside, salts and there are trees and so on,» he described. Morelos
Circuses are synonymous with family fun… or at least that was believed until the Circus of Fear arrived, a show in which you will face your greatest fears. The story revolves around Isabela, a girl who enters into a deep sleep and to get out she must face her fears, which have materialized in the circus.» It is an ensemble where we combine theater, circus performing arts and effects that create circus atmosphere; we have two tents, the first is a lobby with electronic music, DJs, bands, beer, snacks and characters that receive people.» After the lobby they go to the main tent where the atmosphere is already around the story of this little disturbed in her dreams and nightmares by characters that she herself has created through fear», advanced Melisa Giraldo Fraijo, producer. It is not a house of terror, it is a nine-act circus show with scenery set in an ancient circus, everything takes place in darkness and, therefore, the viewer is forbidden to use his cell phone. Queretaro 
Clowns, corpses, even the exorcist will be now in the 12 sets of The Casona of Terror in The Bicentennial Park of Querétaro, which reopens its doors to challenge your speed to escape it.» Each set is a stage with sonorization, lighting, scenery, special effects, props (simulation of being alive without movement) and animatronics; four actors are complemented by four actors,» said Paulina Tavares, in charge of broadcasting. The tour takes place in groups of six people, lasting approximately eight minutes or depending on your speed.
The experience is sought to be a mixture of terror and laughter, that the visitor is afraid, but at the same time enjoy and laugh.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart problems, liver problems, epileptics, photosensitive, psychiatric or psychological problems or any incompatible illness, also for children under 13 years of age,» Tavares said.
The 39 characters, including animatronics, are creations by Ill Cubo Creations by the plastic artist William Nezme Zardain.

The Casa del Terror or Casa de la niña Catalina, located in the central area of Pachuca, presents the horror show based on the legend of a murdered girl. Photo: Alejandro Velázquez/Reforma

Top 5 Capital Terror
If you don’t want to leave the City, here are some options for you to face your biggest fears.1) Deaf Mute Blind Interactive Terror at Midnight! Sensory experience in total darkness at the Sylvia Pasquel Forum, Fridays at 11:59. 500 and 600 pesos in Bulletinopolis.2) Tour of terror Turibus. Tour of the Pantheon Dolores, La Moira, the House of Witches and the Black House, which will culminate with a terrifying dinner at Zombie Diner. Part of the Zocalo, Friday and Saturday at 18:00. 590 pesos at the box office.3) Psycho The House of Crime. Meet the most famous serial killers like Jack the Ripper. At Art House Mexico from Thursday to Saturday, at 20:00 and 21:30, and on Sundays at 19:00 and 20:30. 250 pesos in Boletópolis.4) Festival of Fear. Great exponents of terror on YouTube, such as Creepy World and Herr Dunkelheit, are featured at Lenin Forum. In Merida 98, Rome, on November 16th at 19:00. 250 pesos in newsletter.5) Third Week of Terror in Juana Cata. Four fearful works: Brothers, Victim, Multiple and Obsession that will not let you sleep. In Plaza de la República 46-103, Tabacalera, from this Sunday at 19:30. 300 weights combo in lockers.

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