translated from Spanish: Maravatío puts citizens in motion

Naomi Carmona
Maravatío, Michoacán.- With the intention of opening spaces for citizens and making a change in the municipality, yesterday it was unveiled by the National Delegate of Citizen Movement in Michoacán Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, the way in which Maravatío was made known will move, with the appointment of the new Operational Coordinator of the municipality, Patricio Zamudio.
In front of the local media, Patricio Zamudio shared his satisfaction at now joining the Citizen Movement after having renounced another political force, with which he stated that he had no coincidences, and invited those citizens who are motivated to make a change, find together with him a space in which one can fight for the causes of citizens.
Antúnez Oviedo commented to be sure to win in Maravatío, and the way to achieve it is by going alone, with the idea of change «we no longer want repeat governments», «we want to add valuable citizens and in Citizen Movement we have that purpose» so, very soon we will will open the Citizen House in Maravatío, where it will be presented to the members of the Operational Commission who will give movement to that municipality.
He also anticipated that on 22 November in the city of Morelia, a report of activities of Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán will also be provided in which the position of insecurity that crosses the state and the country will also be expressed.

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