translated from Spanish: Minister of OO.PP. for motorway fares: «We are working to change readjustment systems from next year»

In the midst of the days of demonstrations that are already a week in the country, the minister of OO.PP., Alfredo Moreno, referred to the highway rates and the protest held today against the TAG, which generated high congestion during the morning.
«This is an issue we’ve been working on for quite some time. There is no increase in tolls during this year, there is no increase in tolls,» said the MOP headline.
Moreno added that «we’ve been working for a long time for the upheathing that comes. The important thing is to make a good deal and that we have a readjustment of the tolls that is what we all want.»
The MOP holder also stated that «these are contracts that have been going on for quite a few years that have established the readjustment system and that we are changing. It’s not that nothing can be done, I’m pointing out that we’re working on this before to change the readjustment systems from next year because this year there’s nothing to change because there’s no readjustment.»
«That’s what we’re working on and I think we’re going to have good news,» he said.
The minister questioned the road complications generated by the demonstration against the TAG and said that «what we are living today is the only thing it does is make life difficult for the Santiaguinos. We all have the right to manifest ourselves, but we have to put our shoulders on the Santiaguinos.»

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