translated from Spanish: Nurses insist on empowerment and professional recognition

Morelia, Michoacán.- Noting that within the Senate of the Republic the installation of work tables was achieved to discuss the professionalization of nursing and social workers, the federal deputy, Anita Sánchez Castro, called for the nurse’s profession.
In the framework of the LIV anniversary of the Michoacano Nurses College, A.C. and the X State Congress in Health, having as its central theme «The Health Staff, before the New Health Model»; the legislator mentioned the importance of the participation of the nursing guild across all sectors, «insisting on pushing the normative, legality, able to boost not only health, it is necessary to engage politically, beyond parties, have a training to address another ideology,» he said
On his occasion, Amalia Avila Silva, president of the Michoacan nurses College, stressed the importance of promoting certification as a guarantee of quality service, for which she thanked the 14 delegations for their work.
I call on students, future colleagues, to get involved, as these advances benefit them.
In this context Maria Teresa Maldonado Guízar, president of the Mexican Federation of Nurses, took a protest to the new State Steering Committee of the College of Nurses.
Thus also delegates were awarded for their outstanding work as professionals and in the nursing guild.

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