translated from Spanish: SML responded to alleged request for resignation to head of tanatology

A controversy broke out on Friday when a video was released in which Aleida Kulikoff, Head of the Laboratory of the Legal Medical Service (SML), refuses to sign a notice for his termination of office. In the video, circulating on the Internet, the SML officer states that: «I do not sign the notice because my duty is to the state, in an emergency situation you cannot draw from public office without doing a summary investigation and a resolution that comes from the Comptroller’s talk.»» My duty is to citizenship, experts that are transparent cannot remove me from office and put someone in the national direction to finger, my work and my duty is with citizenship and I will not do leave of office until a resolution comes for reasons for the c uto my position was asked and to come from the Comptroller’s Office,» he reiterates in the images. With regard to the video, the coroner clarified that «in no case does this decision, taken by the National Directorate, affect the normal and proper functioning of the expert work of the SML, especially with regard to the tanatological area, responsible for the legal medical autopsies in the context of a judicial investigation or the events that occurred during the last week.» What the civil servant is notified of is that a change of leadership will be made, and not a disengagement from the Service, leaving in her replacement an interim authority who will be in charge of reviewing the procedures currently being carried out in the Department of Laboratories, enthusing the continuity of the service and in order to improve the management of that area», adds the SML. According to the service, the official was personally notified in a meeting with the National Director, Dr. Jorge Rubio, held last Tuesday, October 22. In this connection, the civil servant has a new meeting with the National Director this coming Monday, October 28, to explain her decision not to sign her notice.» The administrative change was due to lack of professional management, and the constant review of efficiency in key procedures for forensic work. It should be noted that the interest of the Legal Medical Service is to deliver timely and quality care, even more so in these complex times that the country lives. To do this, it is equipped with its activated emergency protocols and with constant coordination of its entire forensic network, available to respond efficiently to the requirements of justice», concludes the SML.

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