translated from Spanish: The national economy is in free fall by labour policies: Javier Paredes

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Citizen Deputy, Javier Paredes Andrade states that the national economy is in free fall, a consequence of public policies, implemented by the federal administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
The political scientist regretted that the now president of the Republic, has carried out proselytizing activities for almost two decades to reach the maximum chair of the Mexican state and when he assumed power, defrauding the trust of the citizens that he trusted.
It referred to the statistics issued by various sectors of the Private Initiative, which marked a negative trend, with a zero growth rate for 2019, resulting from the unrecoverable economy losses that they recorded at the beginning of the year by the lack of fuel and subsequently the taking of the railways.
From his perspective, the unique local popular representative for Movimiento Ciudadano, one of the big problems currently facing López Obrador, is that he made too many promises and speculations of the improvement that the country would get, at the time it will take the power, to no aemost.

«The surprise of Mexicans, was that in campaign he had all kinds of solutions, but in reality, he has not provided any response to popular, social, academic, insecurity and economic demands, Mexico is in a debacle,» the legislator said Michoacan.

He exemplified that in security matters, the President of the Republic submitted to a drug cartel, as evidenced in Culiacán; in economics, entrepreneurs have shouted in unison that they are demanding the continuation of productive projects such as the Special Economic Zones (EEZ’s) and in the light of popular demands, showed great contempt for the opposition, with the welcome it gave to the mayors, regardless of the political party emanating, with tear gas in the National Palace.

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