translated from Spanish: They show what an employee would look like after 20 years in an office

England.- According to health experts, a life-size doll shows how future office workers could be seen with their backs permanently hunched over, sticking out of the stomach and varicose veins. The model, called Emma, was created as part of a study to illustrate how a misconfigured workstation could make office workers change physically and visually to cope with the environment.

The wrist has a permanently bent back caused by sitting for hours in a bad position, varicose veins due to poor blood flow, a resounding stomach caused by a sedentary position, dry and red eyes for long hours looking at a computer screen and other health conditions. The report, entitled The Work Colleague of the Future, revealed that more than 90 percent of UK office workers suffering from work-related health problems are more difficult to do their jobs.

Meet «Emma» the hunchbacked office worker of the future. A model created by health experts, Emma illustrates how staff could one day look if changes to work environments are not made — PA Media (@PA)
October 24, 2019

William Higham, behavioral expert and author of the study, said: «The report shows that employers and workers really need to act now and address the problem of bad workplace health.
Unless we make radical changes to our working lives, such as moving more, addressing our position at our desks, taking breaks to walk regularly, or considerimproving our workstation settings, our offices they’ll get very sick.

The study suggested that 50 percent of UK workers interviewed already suffer from eye pain, 49 percent of back pain and 48 percent of headaches as a direct result of their workspace. He also indicated that vision problems, weight gain and persistent headaches and migraines were the main conditions they were concerned about in the UK.The study, commissioned by office equipment provider Fellowes, included 3,003 participants from France (1,001), Germany (1,001) and the United Kingdom (1,001).

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