translated from Spanish: Various damage to homes and cars from protests against policymakers’ operatives in Salvador Escalante

Salvador Escalante, Michoacán.- A large group of comuneros set fire to at least three vehicles in this municipality of Salvador Escalante and apparently there were also two houses damaged by fire, the above was in protest against the authorities for operatives who were are taking place in the area, official voices reported.
With regard to the matter, the Secretary of Public Security on Friday issued the following in a press bulletin: «In order to preserve the order and ensure the tranquility of the inhabitants, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and the Attorney General’s Office of the State (FGE) deployed a surveillance operation at various points in this municipality.
In order to inhibit acts constituting crime, Michoacan Police officers maintain operational actions, where two vehicles were set on fire, so the staff carried out patrols and intensified prevention and surveillance work.
Likewise, the police elements will make tours at different points of the demarcation, for the purpose of the demarcation, in order to provide security to the Michoacans transiting the area.

«In this way, the SSP endorses its commitment to strengthen its operational actions to address any act that violates the tranquility of the population, and makes available the number 911, to request support».

It should be noted that during the course of this day police sources claimed that another unit had been burned down, thus adding up to just three with those first accounted for by the SSP, as well as two houses, one of which was affected by the lumin of one of the sinister motor smunits without fortunately being victims to mourn, the contacts referred. It was all on the Salvador Escalante-Ario de Rosales road, in the vicinity of the community of Opopeo.

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