translated from Spanish: Haiti at risk of being left in the dark for government default

Port-au-Prince.- The electricity supply in Haiti could collapse from next Monday in the face of fuel shortages to produce energy caused by non-payment by the Government, Sogener, one of the main generators of the country.» Sogener will be able to maintain the current rate of production of power plants until Monday, 28 thhhigh this month, unless (state-owned) Haitian State Electricity (EDH) reduces its consumption level,» the company’s president said in a public letter. generator Jean Marie Vorbe.

The power company says it has no fuel, because it cannot pay its last order for 30,000 barrels of fuel oil because the Bank of the Republic of Haiti has not complied with the corresponding payments.» We have made every effort to purchase fuel in the local market, but due to current constraints, as well as lack of cash flow due to late payments, only a minimum amount has been obtained,» Vorbe’s communication to the EDH, as well as the Ministries of Economy and Public Works, the National Credit Bank, the Bank of the Republic of Haiti and the Bank of the Haitian Union.In recent days there has been an open battle between Sogener and the Haitian State, after the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, said in a speech that the country’s ills are the fault of the «system,» alluding to the economic structures around power. The Secretary of State for Communication, with the aim of informing the Haitian population of all decisions taken at the highest level of the State to «straighten the national ship», announced the measures taken on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.Between these include decisions concerning contracts between the State and electricity-generating companies.» The Ministry of Economy and Finance is instructed to suspend payment of all securities related to the execution of electricity contracts signed between the Haitian state and the companies Sogener, E-Power S.A. and Haytrac», says the official statement . The information further stated that the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications is instructed to transfer all state-owned power plants to the Haitian Electricity Authority and that the Ministry of Justice and Security Public Is Responsible for Securing All Power Plants in the Country. The Government has also ordered proceedings against «all those guilty of squander of public funds» under these contracts, as well as recovering the sums collected in «excess to the State» and compensation for damages caused to the State in the context of the execution electricity supply contracts concluded between the State and private equity generation companies. This Friday was notorious on the streets of Port-au-Prince as people rushed to stock up on products in the markets, in the face of the opposition’s call to restart street protests from next Sunday across the country in demand for resignation de Moise.Haiti is going through a serious social and economic crisis, with very high levels of inflation, the depreciation of the local currency against the dollar, and the continuing manifestations of opposition sectors for the president to leave power. 

Thousands of Haitian Catholics marched on Tuesday to call for President Moise’s resignation. / EFE.

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