translated from Spanish: International music industry supports Chile during peaceful Chilean demonstration in Finland

In the context of the 25th edition of the WOMEX Fair, the Chilean delegation held a symbolic demonstration during the inaugural event to make the serious crisis going through the country.
The intervention generated great shock and an emotional reaction of support from both the organizers (who had traditionally never allowed political demonstrations at the event) and the thousands of attendees, who thrilled the Chileans in Tampere with different types of answers and banners like «The United People» and «We are with Chile».
For the Chilean entourage, there was a lot of symbolism in having visited these days one of the emblematic countries in terms of welfare societies, being able not only to see from first source another social structure but to see how for its citizens it is undisputed support for the Chilean citizens who are protesting.
The Chilean event in Tampere thus adds to the list of international events during these days, as stated by Alejandro Orellana, Director of Programming of Womad Chile, who highlighted the successful attention received in other demonstrations in cities around the world, such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Berlin and Barcelona, among others.
«It’s been exciting to see that we’re not alone. Each of the delegates felt minute by minute not being able to be on our streets demanding dignity for our people. What is happening in our country requires that everyone, wherever they are, manifest the way they can«Rodrigo Cepeda, director of the Mundovivo label and a member of the Chilean delegation in Finland, commented.
Christoph Borkowsky, president of Piranha Arts, organizers of Womex 2019 added: «while Womex tries to stay away from political issues, each delegate is free to express himself for reasons affecting his territories, and personally, support for the Chilean people in this difficult situation«.
The delegation consisted of:
Ricardo Lira / Orbita Records
Estéban Pérez / Seal Mescaline, Musical Links
Natalia Gajardo / Director MUSAP
Martín Canessa / Lichens Family
Giorgio Varas / Director Womad Chile
Alejandro Orellana / Womad Chile Programming Director
Julie Gaye / Ajimsa
Subhira Rodrigo Cepeda / Mundovivo
Consolation Cortez / Pencil Paper
Leighton Islander
Juga di Prima / Singer-songwriter

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