translated from Spanish: Mobilizes fire in Nuevo León

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- A fire this morning mobilized relief agencies to a pallet business and a vulcanizer, at Colonia Andrés Caballero, in Escobedo.Fire and Civil Protection personnel received the report around 5:00 a.m. on the located at the junction of the Monclova Highway and the North-Eastern Libramiento.

At the site, the fire extinguishers found rubbish, weed and scrap of wood that began to burn in a wasteland and that totally consumed the vulcanizer and caused damage to the pallet business. The flames reached up to three meters high and the plumes of smoke were seen several kilometers around the site.

Good morning, Firefighters NL stations 7, 8 and 14 attend fire report in area with garbage and wood waste in Carretera a Monclova and Libramiento Noreste in #Escobedo #NL personnel working in the place ⚠️ – Alejandro Zuñiga /Bomberos NL (@saz2000)
October 26, 2019

For two hours, three Nuevo León Fire Units and one more State Civil Protection personnel did their jobes to stifle the fire. After controlling the situation, it was reported that the miscade did not leave injured persons and so far the reasons for the accident were unknown.

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