translated from Spanish: Review by Héctor Marín Rebollo

Héctor Marín Rebollo
After the storm unleashed on October 17 in Culiacán, before the operation to stop Ovidio Guzmán, the things and possible consequences are understood if the stubbornness or eagerness to show the muscle of the government, as the cheating right wanted, would have been more great than prudence.
Suspects can be heard the voices of the provocateurs and the gacetilleros (key managers) for hire… or right-wing radio, television and social media comunicologists… and those who haggle their support for the new government out of envy or lack of vision and objectivity as academics and «opinologists.»
Factors: powerful US weapons, (clear smuggling); the interests of criminals and united conservative politicians; vengeful entrepreneurs, etc.
The Panist right and the neoliberal PRI tackle the barrage against López Obrador and so do the most conservative business groups, because they want to get a slash out of the Culiacan affair. They are now defenders of the Army, Navy and National Guard «because the government caused them to be violated» after the release of the offender, and in the face of the threat of deaths of dozens of innocent people by high-ranking weapons and the possible burst of two fuel pipes.
See. A court minister falls with possible felonies under investigation and with close links to three corrupt former presidents. Due to an investigation into the origin of his fortune, a union leader resigns; President Miguel Díaz Canel arrives in Mexico and officially announces support for Cuba in the sale of energy that the right does not accept; «Legal» resistance stakes to begin construction of St. Lucia Airport are defeated; corrupt businessmen who are members of coparmex and the Business Coordinating Council who will no longer be able to demand taxes on billions of pesos are broken and because they will no longer be able to submit false bills, as they did.
Only the naive will see this a fluke. In the case of Culiacán, there was a plan of the right allied to criminal drug trafficking to bathe in blood the people of Culiacán and demand the resignation of López Obrador. Do these drug dealers and right-wing politicians care that innocentpeople are murdered? Lol But there was a leader who said no to guns.
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