translated from Spanish: Russia accuses US of dealing with Syrian oil

Moscow– Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday accused the United States of trafficking Syrian oil, smuggling that Moscow estimates report more than $30 million monthly to U.S. government agencies.” Under the protection of U.S. military and private security companies, from the deposits of Eastern Syria tanker trucks transport contraband to other states,” said the portfolio’s spokesman, General Igor Konashénkov.
He added that in the event of an attack on these caravans, “they immediately come to their defense special forces and U.S. aviation.” Considering that the barrel of Syrian oil costs $38, the monthly profits generated by this ‘private business’ generated by US government agencies exceed $30 million,” said the Castrense spokesman.

U.S. troops in Syria. Source: AP

According to Konashénkov, the Pentagon and CIA are willing to “eternally protect Syrian deposits from supposed ‘Islamic State clandestine cells’, in order to preserve this permanent financial flow.” The spokesman said oil extraction is carried out with equipment sent to Syria despite Washington sanctions, which affect not only U.S. oil companies, but also those of other countries. The Russian Ministry of Defense disseminated on its website photographs captured from space, in which, he says, columns of tanker trucks leaving Syria guarded by soldiers and contractors of private security companies.”

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