translated from Spanish: Tiane Endler and marching multitudina: «Pride to see this, being so far away»

The archer and captain of the women’s team, Christiane Endler, gave her vision on the massive march that took place on Friday in the center of Santiago and which aimed to ask for concrete changes to the government of Sebastián Piñera at the level Social. On her Instagram account, the PSG goalkeeper posted an image of Chile’s so-called «biggest march» and wrote «March mass and pacifica for a more just Chile for all! All cross-cutting together by profound social change! Proud to see this, being so far away.» The call in the capital was attended by about one million 200 thousand people. Remember that on October 20th, at the start of the protest day, the nominee of the FIFA Best Awards made her opinion feel by stating: «Force my whole country, sadness invades us to see the images of everything that is happening. I hope that the violence, looting, vandalism, terror, excessive force, will end later, the important thing about all this is the bottom.» Chile woke up and did it in the worst way after years of not being heard the most injured. I hope calm comes later and things can be arranged by talking,» he said.

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