translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez beats Macri and is elected President of Argentina

With more than 80% of the votes counted in Argentina, the Peronist candidate won the current President, Mauricio Macri, with 47.8% against 41.42%.

According to the reports of various media the candidate of Peronismo, Alberto Fernández, would have already won the elections in Argentina when there are 80% of the tables counted. The representative of the Front of All would already have 47.8% of the vote, while the current President Mauritius would be left behind with 41.0%. Within the minors of these elections there are considered 33,841,837 people in the neighboring country to vote in these elections, and although all eyes have been focused on Fernandez and Macri, there are six presidential candidates, including Roberto Lavagna (Federal Consensus), Nicolás del Caño (Left Unity), Juan José Gómez (NOS) and José Luis Espert (Awakening). The Trans-Andean constitution states that, to win the election, you need to get more than 45% of the vote or have 40% and exceed by 10 percentage points the nearest pursuer. Something fernandez would be fulfilling.The winner of these elections will finally assume the presidency on December 10th, and it should be noted that in addition to president and vice president, 24 senators and 130 deputies are being elected, along with the mayor’s office and governorate of Buenos Aires.

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