translated from Spanish: Person loses his life when hit by the train.

St. Ignatius.- Yesterday, at approximately 2 pm, a man lost his life after the unit in which he was traveling was hit by the train. The events occurred in the community of Pueblo Viejo and the railway tracks, when the West who was identified as Augustine “N” of 46 years and neighbor of the same town, and who according to versions drove under the effects of alcohol.

He was driving a blue 96-brand Chevrolet pickup with Sinaloa plates and who according to witnesses tried to win way at the locomotive who was already very close to the unit, and ended up hitting it from the front, volcanoposting it at least launching it thirty yards from where it was rammed. It is presumed that due to the strong impact, the driver lost his life instantly as a result of head trauma, as well as some fractures in the body.


Witnesses to the event immediately requested the presence of the emergency services, arriving at the Red Cross paramedics site of La Cruz de Elota, who only confirmed the death of the unfortunate. Elements of Civil Protection and Elota Firefighters also arrived, as well as agents of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, who were responsible for cordoning off the area pending the expert services.

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