translated from Spanish: They reveal that woman who was vout by effusive applause for Piñera was militant RN and former candidate for councillor

On this Friday morning, in the run-up to the historic march that took to the streets of the capital and several cities of the country, President Sebastián Piñera met to have breakfast with a group of older adults to announce a series of forms to pensions, but the announcement was overshadowed by an exacerbated reaction from a woman to her side. The woman’s unbridled reaction did not go unnoticed by anyone, for after the first pause of the representative she cries fervently: «Bravo, bravo, bravo! All right, President, let’s go ahead; we’re going to come out, like a big country, strengthened after this,» displacing many of the viewers. For this reason it was only a few minutes for social networks to erupt with criticism of the exaggerated reaction, which in turn led to a curious find. Finally, who appeared to be an ordinary older adult, it was actually Nancy Arredondo, a national renewal militant (RN) and a former candidate for a councillor for Quinta Normal, as well as other positions in various elections. Another event that reversed this moment was when it was heard in the transmission of Channel 13 to Martín Carcamo say to the air «this hue’á is unnecessary», immediacy after the baroque intervention of the woman and militant of RN.

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