translated from Spanish: Under 17 World Cup: The ‘Red’ lost to the VAR and France

The Chilean U17 team debuted with a World Cup loss in the ‘Brazil 2019’ category by falling 2-0 on Sunday to their like in France, in a group C commitment of the competition. Deserved the victory for the ‘Bleus’ at the Estadio da Serrinha in Goiania as the most proposed combiner, the one who showed the most football and the one who took advantage of the physique to nullify any intention of the ‘Red’, who today played in white. The first chance to break zero on the scoreboard was held by the squad led by Christian Leiva, in the clearest he had in the match. In the 11th minute, Alexander Oroz retrieved a ball and played for Alexander Aravena, who fielded powerfully from outside the area and the ball crashed on the crossbar. With the run of minutes, the French dominated at leisure and Chile bet mainly on the fast start, but their options easily vanished as they passed half the court. The most dangerous man of the Europeans, Adil Aouchiche, was waxed to open the count at 37′ with a powerful left-hander who found the good reaction of the golero Julio Fierro as he sneaked into the upper left corner. Already in the complement, the Europeans warned in the 59th minute through the skilled Aouchiche, who drew a powerful forehand and the ball hit the right post of the bow of Fierro.Then they would come three minutes of terror for Chile. At 61′ the referee claimed a controversial penalty for France for a violation of Vicente Pizarro to Brandon Soppy. Lucien Augome stood in front of the ball from the 12 steps and did not fail with a powerful header. Jean-Claude Giuntini’s pupils took advantage of the 1-0 envoy and at 64 minutes increased the score through Isaac Lihadji, with a strong shot from the right corner of the area and after great attendance from Aouchiche.After the second target, France was more about increasing Chile’s to the discount. An opaque debut of the ‘Roja’, which for the second day of Group C will be measured on the same stage with Haiti, which later opens to South Korea.

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