translated from Spanish: Vehicle catching fire on Culiacán Eldorado road; there are no victims

On the road, Culiacán – Eldorado yesterday afternoon saw the fire of a car, leaving total loss of that unit and without any victims to regret. This accident was not known if it was caused or if it was because of an electrical problem. Just at kilometer 5 west to east of the rua was a Ford Focus, from the Chevrolet line, from which no information was obtained about who it belonged to, since at the site where it was on fire there was no one who requested help for the sinister Ro. Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the site after a report of motorists passing through the highway. Preventive, seeing that the unit was on fire, cordoned off the area and approached to verify that there were no people inside and immediately gave notice to the Fire Department, who in minutes arrived and suffoated the flames.
Moments later officers of the Federal Highway Police arrived to divert traffic and no other road miscecan, also state police showed up to take data from the vehicle and request information from the vehicle to make sure that there was no I had a report of the robbery. Two hours later, the car was towed by a crane and taken to a boarding house to continue investigations into the case.

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