translated from Spanish: Luis Marín: «We don’t want football to be used as a screen to get back to normal»

In a conversation with Radio Cooperativa, the secretary of the Footballers’ Union (Sifup), Luis Marín, referred to the possibility that Chilean football will return. Luis Marín said that «we have been in contact with the group of captains and representatives of each team. From day one we asked the ANFP to be suspended, the Rangers game was played and there was riots outside, so on Monday (October 21) we sent a request for the total suspension.» You don’t know what’s going to happen, you can’t be playing football if the uncertainty goes on, that’s very complicated… It wouldn’t look good if football is picked up, so it can generate it to come back if all this holds, it can be for the worse,» the former goalkeeper added. In addition, he stated that «at some point you have to play and get back to normal. You have to play everything one and not in some places yes and in others you don’t. Today players do not have their head fit to play football with the whole social situation.» Marín also called for the non-use of football to cover up national contiquece, as he argued that «it has been a few hours since the state of emergency was lifted. You want to give a sense of normalcy and the truth is that it’s not. We don’t want football to be used as a screen to get back to normal, it’s complicated. It’s no less than being the whole police force on the street.» The former goalkeeper explained that on the part of the players «there is no intention to return to football. Now we have not had any formal information, we do not even know who will take the mayorof the Metropolitan Region, the position of the ANFP and The Safe Stadium is lacking.»

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