translated from Spanish: Migrants resist cold in Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juárez.-Mexican migrants who remain in camps near the international bridges of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, are reluctant to move to shelters despite the low temperatures. Staff of the Human Rights Directorate of the City Council have come to call them to take refuge in the Migrant House so as not to expose their health, especially that of children.

Rogelio Pinal, director of the unit, commented that at the junction of Zaragoza-Ysleta at the weekend, but only one family accepted. There are approximately 280 families of at least three members each. In addition to Zaragoza-Ysleta, the connationals are on the Paso del Norte and Córdova bridges of the Americas, and together they add up to about 3,500 people, according to federal authorities. The official recalled that, because they are of Mexican origin, they cannot be forced to move to a shelter even though the weather puts their fitness at risk. People, who argue to flee violence in their states, checked the list as they have reached the bridge to be called in that order by U.S. authorities, in front of those seeking asylum. Although their place in that listing is not lost, Pinal explained, they do not want to risk someone getting ahead in line, so they prefer to expose theys by spending the night outdoors or inside tents that they placed in streets near the port of entrance to El Paso Texas.Pinal mentioned that all three levels of government work in a coordinated manner and visit international crossing bridges daily to summon people to receive the free transfer to a hostel. However, he said, there is very little success, as in almost a month only 120 people have been moved.

He added that the migrants have a telephone number of personnel from the Directorate of Human Rights, as well as Civil Protection, so that when they decide someone from the Municipal Government would come to take them to the hostel. There is also on a permanent basis a Municipal Public Security unit that can assist them.

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