translated from Spanish: Piñera plays to the limit: he makes no gesture in Education and Health and keeps Cubillos and Mañalich in their positions

One of the hashtags that led the Chileandemonstrations against the government of Sebastián Piñera was the #RenunciaChadwick, which called for the departure of the minister of the Interior. The cousin of the Mandatario was not the only one to which the criticism was directed, but was the face of national discontent, along with others such as the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, the One of Health, Jaime Mañalich and transportes, Gloria Hutt.
Finally, the Representative listened – as he has repeated in recent days – to the protesters, but only in part. He took Chadwick out of the Interior, taking on the former Segpres, Gonzalo Blumel, but Cubillos, Mañalich and Hutt did not move from their posts. Another of the aims, the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Perez, was removed, but she was placed in Sports, outside the political circle of the cabinet. Criticism of Cubillos was traced back to the Aula Segura project, and his criminalizing view of the student movement. From the opposition they then unsuccessfully propelled a constitutional accusation against him for «remarkable abandonment of duties.» But the libel meant a failure of the opposition and a backing for it, just before the outbreak of the crisis.
During the state of emergency, Cubillos took a secondary role, informing the states of the classes in different parts of the country, indicating that each quartermaster had the capacity to decide the fate of each city. But at all times he maintained a hard speech focused on condemning the violent events of the outburst.
Meanwhile, Mañalich took over the Minsal in June of this year, following the departure of Emilio Santelices. But his style repeatedly passes the bill to him, as happened last Friday when in the midst of health insurance in Congress, he assured – in the face of opposition claims – that he would not change the law for one more march.
During the State of Emergency, the minister monitored the situation on the ground and took over the press points to account for the exact number of deaths during clashes between protesters and Special Forces and Members of the Army in the compounds Hospital.
In the midst of the crisis, during a visit to the National Thorax Institute was incretummated by workers, who demanded that «in the emergency departments are attending to the patients standing, on the ground, patients are dying, there is no decent care and who finally puts his face? We are the officials and what we want is to strengthen public health.»
Mañalich endured the stoic criticism, and later answered that «I understand the peaceful nature of your manifestation, I thank you. I strongly urge you not to think that someone has a bad evolution of your illness as a result of that….».
There it was again interrupted: «patients are never left alone, there are ethical shifts» and «Mañalich Waiver» were the slogans.
Mañalich continued «… and to keep what has happened these days, where in all public hospitals in Chile the increase in demand has been met without problems, because of the commitment of the hospitals».
Another name that drew attention to staying in office is that of Transport Minister Gloria Hutt who, in the midst of a crisis, went out to criminalize the student movement that departed with the mass evasions.
The secretary of state went from being one of the cabinet favorites to suffering a slump in her public image as a result of the rise of the passage and the lack of responses from the Executive to stop the rise.

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