translated from Spanish: They find the body of a man in a raft van in Buenavista, Michoacán

home Security They find the body of a man in a raft van in Buenavista, Michoacán

Buenavista, Michoacán.- A shot corpse was found in the punt of a van that had multiple impacts of a firearm projectile, which was abandoned on a rural road in this municipality of Buenavista.
In this tenor, it was known that the event was on sunday night in a gap that connects the populations of La Cuchilla and El Ahogado. Some people who tracked down the vehicle and observed that the body was in the box and immediately called the police.
The law’s representatives arrived in the area and cordoned off the perimeter to avoid contamination of possible evidence, as well as requesting the support of the experts of the Crime Scene Specialized Unit, under the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Of Apatzingán, the same ones who arrived in a few minutes to take care of the court.e.
It also transpired that the deceased did not have any documents among his belongings that would allow his identity to be known, as detailed by voices close to the matter. At the conclusion of the respective performances the fine was taken to an ambulance for forensic use to be immediately taken to the amphitheatre for the practice of rigorous studies.

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