translated from Spanish: Various realities for this Monday in the country’s schools: Santiago, Maipú and Providencia will not have classes

Cities such as Calama, Concepción or Antofagasta also ruled back to classes, while in other cities, such as Iquique, schools would open until 13:30.

As reported by the Emol medium, the return to classes for most of the Metropolitan Region would be confirmed, excluding the communes of Santiago, Maipú and Providencia.While the reality of the return to schools has been dissimilar in the s other regions of the country:Arica:Read also: Seremi said that classes will normally be held on Monday and mayor of Arica decreed that there will be no activity in DAEMIquique establishments:Read also: Cormudesi: Students will have classes until 13:30 hours during the weekCalama:Read also: Municipality determined suspension of classes in CalamaAntofagasta:Read also: Mayor of Antofagasta ruled out starting classes on Monday at municipal schoolsRead also: There will also be no classes on Monday in Mejillones: teachers are unemployedRead also: Antofagasta: 17 subsidized private schools will not have tomorrow classesConcepción:Read also: Municipal schools of Concepción will not have classes on MondayRead also: These are the communes that reported that their municipal schools will return to classes on MondayValdivia:Read also: Schools return to classes tomorrow as universities continue to look for formulas for a safe returnPuerto Montt:Read also: New classes suspend at Puerto Montt municipal schools

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