translated from Spanish: Deputies approve withdraw of president

With 420 votes in favour, 29 against and five abstentions, the House of Deputies’ plenary passed the minutes on constitutional jurisdiction so that the Federal Executive can be tried for electoral crimes and corruption, as well as for other serious wrongdoings.
Federal mp Pablo Gómez, of Morena, stressed that «with this reform of Magna Carta the scheme of impunity that currently protects the president of the Republic, which prevents the time of his commission from being prosecuted or sentenced criminally».
It detailed that the reform of Article 108 constitutional includes any act of corruption provided for in the Penal Code as an unlawful exercise of public service.
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In the same case are cases related to abuse of authority, coalition of public servants, unlawful use of powers and powers, crimes for payment and receipt of remuneration from public servants, intimidation, abusive exercise of functions , trafficking in flub, bribery, brilliing public servants, peculado and illicit enrichment.
«Any of those (previous) behaviors that characterized presidential management over many six years, that’s what we’re adjusting.
«We are adjusting accounts with history and making it clear that what we always complained about presidents can now be prosecuted against the president in turn,» the legislator said, recalling that it is also a campaign promise from the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
On the occasion of the chairman of the Political Coordination Board of the legislative body, Mario Delgado, remarked that this reform seeks that the acting president can be tried for corruption, electoral and illicit crimes considered in the Article 19 constitutional.
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He said that «constitutional 108 was very restrictive with regard to crimes in which the acting President of the Republic could be tried as explicitly treason to the homeland and other crimes of the common order.»
The deputy for Morena emphasized that with the approval of the minutes an important step is taken to remove immunity from the federal executive and in San Lázaro progress towards a complete redefinition of the Mexican political system.
He said that next week, when the revocation of mandate, popular consultation, constitutional jurisdiction and tax forgiveness by the Executive is voted on, «we are going to completely change the figure of the president of the Republic.»
This, he summarized, «since he will have political responsibility, through the revocation of mandate and popular consultation, criminal responsibility, in the exercise that may be the Congress to dismiss him in case he commits an illicit and, fiscal responsibility, to the waive the power to condon taxes on a discretionary basis.»
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On the issue of the forum, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Rojas, recalled that this was an initiative presented by López Obrador so that the same Federal Executive can be prosecuted and disapproved in case it commits a felony.
Rojas Hernandez considered in this regard that anything to do with strengthening the accountability conditions of any public official is adequate.
The opinion, which was amended by the deputies, returned to the Senate to continue the legislative process.
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