translated from Spanish: Karol Lucero faced those who defy him in networks and demonstrations: “Is that your struggle?”

In a 21-minute video she posted on her Instagram account, animator Karol Lucero defended herself against the funa of which she is the subject of by social networks, which has been replicated in the demonstrations, through various scratches on walls with slogans against her.
In the register, Lucero asks about the phrases “Karol Dance degenerate” or “death to Karol Dance”, which have been stamped on walls or repeated by some of the protesters. “Is that your fight?” asks the animator.
After denying the facts that are alleged to him, among them, the episode with a participant of the reality show “I will resist” and qualify as a mistake that he will always regret, the episode of sexual tone that he starred in on a radio, the animator, recounted a case that he faced with p roductors in Mexico, who asked him why he received this treatment on social media.
The animator then decided to confront some of the people who sent him messages saying degenerate, returning the call to him in the video.
“I’ve never been intended to hurt someone,” Lucero says in the video, after conversing with some of his detractors, and even the mom of one of them, who says he’s unaware why he became the target.
“I really don’t think I deserve the deals, but if I have to offer these apologies, I really do it wholeheartedly because that’s the right thing to do,” Lucero said.
The animator also said that the photo with Sebastián Piñera that has been taken in his face, was taken with all the candidates of the last election.
Lucero called on people to foster respect, tolerance and “not stick with what people say.”
Finally the animator says he doesn’t want to stay out of the “really important issue” and said that “most people stand dissatisfied in the political class” and implated President Piñera wondering for “what better times” and said that “your government is going to to be inscribed in history as one of the worst, where a never-before-seen social mobilization took to the streets to defend and to ask for their rights.”
“I ask that every person needs to be advocated,” said Lucero, who also called for “the common denominator of all decisions to be made, be it the environment, health, education and above all equity.”
The animator said that “we want real change, we need them now, not tomorrow.”

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