translated from Spanish: Mexico is experiencing a crisis of impunity: «El Mijis»

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The local deputy of the state of San Luis Potosí, Pedro César Carrizales Becerra, better known as «El Mijis», considered that impunity is one of the most felt crises in Mexico, for in his say, impunity is transformed into corruption, insecurity and violence.
Prior to a meeting with young students of the Faculty of Law, «El Mijis» said that young people are the key point for the country, being in youth where the decision is made to get ahead or be «cannon fodder» of criminal groups , for this reason, the Member donates part of his salary as a legislator, to promote a program in neighborhoods of San Luis Potosí with which through recreational activities and providing work, keeps vulnerable young people from the hands of drug trafficking.
On the above – and in the context of the state day against discrimination – Carrizales Becerra, mentioned that some of his colleagues in the LXII Legislature, question the altruistic actions of the former member of the petista, to the extent of suffering discrimination within the St. Louis Congress itself, and even MPs seek to take away from «El Mijis» the chairmanship of the Commission on Human Rights.

«Now they come out that they want to knock me down from the Complaints Commission, but I haven’t legally missed it, we’ve met up to twice a month. As the issue of abortion is already approaching and I bring about bullfighting, these issues hurt conservatives.»

The MP said he has an advantage over the rest of his counterparts, because he was born in a vulnerable environment and surrounded by violence, so he said himself to advocate for freedoms but not his promoter.
«El Mijis» called on politicians and legislators to remember that they represent society and not themselves.

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