translated from Spanish: Surprising photo exhibition highlighting the beauty of the planet arrives for the first time in Chile

An invitation to marvel at images of nature and the marine world is the one that makes the exhibition «Benja Iglesis 30/30», which from 7 to 17 November will be present in the Alonso by Grupo Patio Building. The exhibition that has thirty unpublished photographs, for the first time arrives in the country, allowing at the same time to make a reflection and a call to care for the environment.
«We want to highlight the beauty of our planet, the one that has been changing drastically in recent decades, a world that does not stop and that is going faster every day. With this exhibition we want to give people the opportunity to take a few minutes to appreciate the important things of protecting our planet for future generations», explains Benja Iglesis, a Chilean artist who celebrates thirty years of career.
Under the sea, landscapes and extreme sports
Egypt, Hawaii, Japan, Caribbean, Antarctica, Mexico and Africa are part of the journeys that will be known of the professional photographer Benja Iglesis, who has participated in expeditions with the Bohic Ruz Society for the Amazon and the Blue Hole in the Red Sea. «The images are from different stages of my career, slides and digital format, but all with a story that marked something in my career,» says the artist, editor of Australian Border magazine, and Scuba Diving Magazine contributor Sport Diver Magazine, among others.
Credit: JAWS by Benja Iglesis
Among the works that stand out is JAWS (like the film Shark) which portrays one of the most respected waves worldwide for surfers, since it breaks over 18 meters and it is very difficult to get close. «This tidal wave only appears a dozen times a year and you have to be prepared for the complicated conditions. That’s why the name Jaws, like the movie, because if this wave falls on you, it swallows you,» he explains.
Another notable image is from an Iglesis trip to Antarctica. «I have had the opportunity to go to Antarctica three times and this image is part of once we returned from a dive and were escorted all the way by a group of penguins. We were walking with ice diving equipment, at least 10 degrees below zero, and being escorted by penguins was like being in a dream,» he recalls, adding that the work has the name «Draw», since that day when looking at the penguins, with the contrast white, they looked like drawings.
Credit: «Draw» by Benja Iglesis
There’s also Gentle Giants, which shows oversized humpback whales under the sea. «They are majestic beings, which are the same size as school buses, and being with them swimming you feel very small. They are so big and imposing and at the same time, so passive and curious,» Iglesis concludes.
This exhibition will be available from 7 to 17 November, from 11:00 to 21:00 hrs, in the alonso by Grupo Patio building, located in Alonso de Córdova 3788, corner the Coihue, Vitacura.
Duration: 7 to 17 November from 11:00 to 21.00 hrs.
Where: Alonso de Córdova 3788, Vitacura.
Living room: Ground floor, 400 m2.
*Free entry suitable for all public.
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