translated from Spanish: The return of football will be retroactive and will be played date 25 facing Colo Colo and Catholic

Sebastian Moreno, president of ANFP, spoke yesterday about the reality of Creole football and reaffirmed that the suspension for the third consecutive week corresponds because «the conditions to play are not there». Yesterday there was a meeting with the authorities and «understanding the country situation and, that Chile is above the reality of football at this time, it was decided to suspend».
The situation is assessed day by day, along with permanent conversations with Gamadiel García, president of Sifup, to assess when it can be returned. «We’re in line with the Sifup on this.»
Moreno, for his part, flatly ruled out the tournament ending with the dates already contested: «We have to be able to close properly and how our tournament deserves.» In addition, he confirmed that football will return from the first suspended date, which is the 25th, discarding the move forward to the corresponding one by calendar. «It’s by a logical order of design and preparation.» With this, if Palestino does not surpass the Spanish Union, the Catholic University could be home champion if he wins the match against Colo Colo.
Regarding the Copa Libertadores final, Moreno added that «there are reports from Chile to Conmebol, there are contingents of them aware. It is very important that you play, but we have to go with the consideration of national reality. We have to measure the facts that occur in our society,» he said, leaving doubts on the air for a possible change of party headquarters that is played on November 23.

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