translated from Spanish: AMLO criticizes media for operational coverage in Culiacán

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized how the media covered the failed operation to detain Ovidio Guzmán, son of drug trafficker Joaquín ‘el Chapo’ Guzmán.
“It was impressive to deploy media to question this event. They were launched at us with everything from the supposedly most independent, to the bulletins or pasquins in the service of conservatism,” he said on Tuesday, after the federal government released a video about the capture of Ovidio Guzmán.
He criticized that newspapers, radio stations and television channels “were even able to unveil a fake photograph, that photo that appeared of a military man who was in the custody of the tank destroyers of the DNIII fuel plan, that made him pass by the alleged criminal and disseminated by an independent newspaper, to shame at the canding of information.”
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“Thinking that the note was the note and also no matter what was in between and also with that idea that if they took that picture they would be out of us, as if we asked some means to support us, we never have done it” Added.

It noted that the media was calling for immediate information on what had happened in the operation, but said, the priority was to address the situation that jeopardized peace in Culiacan.
He also convicted that “a famous television” used “an accusatory tone by putting everyone on the defendants’ bench,” when questioning the information of what happened.
“Where is the information, why is there no information, if you see all this unfold in hours, we are talking about almost the start of a war that ends in four or five hours, and they wanted it to be reported immediately.” 
“(…) The most important thing is the note, no, with all due respect. The most important thing is the general interest, it is the interest of the citizens, the most important thing is the interest of the community, the most important thing is peace,” the representative said.
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López Obrador justified the way federal forces that released Ovidio Guzmán. 
“Hopefully and it will serve us all this, this does not mean that journalism is not exercised with absolute freedom of course, but they showed copper and we believe that it was acted well, it was the right thing to do.
“Above all there are the lives to impose on us by force it was going to need reinforcements, 2 thousand of 3 thousand elements and you were going to need to fire the machine guns from the helicopters and we had all the information that they were willing to shoot at civilians.” 
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