translated from Spanish: Magnitude 6.5 earthquake was recorded in the Philippines; damage to several buildings (Videos)

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake registered in Mindanao, Philippines October 29 at a depth of 22 kilometers, the Geological Service reported.
The teluric movement was located in the city of Tulunan in Cotabato, it is not known for certain the number of wounded and deceased.
Users of the city caught with their cell phones and spread on social networks the moment of the earthquake.

???LAST TIME-Again has just shaken strong in Philippines with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8Mw in the same place as the previous epicenters.
⚠️ There are already reports of strong perceptions in various sectors and damage. Lindol@chematierra @EarthQuakesTime @LastQuake
— Fernando Caballero (@eduardocr04) October 31, 2019

They also shared several buildings that suffered collapses and severe damage.

???It’s very unfortunate what Philippines Jasper’s followers are getting to me, it informs me in a video that a condominium in Davao collapsed 1 floor and the building is badly damaged, @EarthQuakesTime @chematierra @LastQuake @SkyAlertMx @webcamsdemexico
— Fernando Caballero (@eduardocr04) October 31, 2019

Another building with severe damage in the
— SkyAlert (@SkyAlertMx) October 31, 2019

Screams of panic in an office building in General Santos City, which was reeling too hard.

.#Sismo ? in #FILIPINAS today 29.10.2019 of Magnitude 6.6, Depth 7 km in the #Isla of Mindanao.
Screams of panic in office building in General Santos City #Philippines.
Jaime Espina on #EG FB ? #Georiesgos #Georiesgos #Georiesgos #earthquake #jishin #quake #quake #temblor #terremoto
— ESPECIGEST (@ESPECIGEST) October 29, 2019

Original source in Spanish

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