translated from Spanish: MOP reaches agreement with concessionaires and eliminates annual 3.5% adjustment to highway porches

During this day, Public Works Minister Alfredo Moreno confirmed that he reached an agreement with highway concessionaires regarding toll costs and TAG, one of the demands of the citizen after the social outburst.
The meeting was determined to eliminate 3.5% annual readjustment, from now until the contracts are completed, in about 15 more years.
«We do not want to fix this for this January, but solve the problem of these contracts forever, from now on there will be no more real readjustment, the 3.5% readjustment will be removed, you will only have the adjustment with the CPI once a year, so we have reached a good agreement with all dealerships,» Moreno said.
This announcement was made after a meeting with the following leaders: Sergio Pérez (CNTC), Víctor Manuel Jorquera (Chile Transporte), Marcos Carter (Fenabus), Juan Eduardo Quiroz (Abi), José Sandobal (Sitrach) and Juan Araya (CNDC).
On the «No+Tag» petition made by citizens, Moreno was emphatically: «There are people who naturally have aspirations that go above and beyond, one can do what possible but you can’t do everything, you’ve seen everything to be resolved, they wanted a rebate or elimination of the cost, that is not possible, we have to make highways in the future, we cannot manage to eliminate the collection,» the minister said.
Moreno also explained how this will be financed: the first option is to cancel the difference at the end, passing the debt to the new dealer and the second, extend the term of use of the highway by the current dealer until the value is met.
«The state doesn’t have to put any weight on it, it will be the future use of the highway or the new dealership,» Moreno explained.

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