translated from Spanish: Safety operations begin in El Fuerte pantheons

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- At the instruction of Mayor Nubia Ramos Carbajal, elements of Public Safety, Civil Protection, Municipal Transit, Firefighters, Water Rescue, Red Cross and National Guard participate in the Security Operation in the 26 pantheons of the municipality of El Fuerte, reported the Secretary of the City Council Leonel Vea Gámez.» We have a total of 170 elements of the different corporations, 30 firefighters, 8 Red Cross elements, we have 25 Civil Protection volunteers, 30 elements of the National Guard will be participating, 48 preventive police, 29 transit agents, in the 40 vehicles will be used,» said Vea Gámez.

The commune official said the safety and accessibility of cemeteries will be ensured in the coming days, which will be influxed to celebrate the Day of the Dead. They will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages but in moderation, inspection and surveillance tours will be carried out in all pantheons, and a call on vehicle drivers to do things in moderation, to use a driver designated to avoid incidents. See Gámez indicated that cleaning and fumigation work has already been carried out, garbage and weeds were removed; the electrification network was rehabilitated, temporary reflectors were installed, the batteries where the water is stored to be stored by the deus to clean the graves, and yellow ribbons will be placed to prevent incidents in open pits or that present the risk of sinking in the 26 camposantos.

170 elements will be present in the 26 cemeteries of the municipality. Courtesy

The municipality of El Fuerte has 26 cemeteries located in San Blas, Bacori, Sibirijoa, Rincón de Aliso, La Capilla, Rancho de los Pacheco, Buenavista de San Blas, Charay, Campo Esperanza, Pochotal, Camajoa, Jahuara II, the pantheon of the Las Isabeles dam, Ocolome, ejido Montoya, El Jípago, Llano de los López, Mochicahui, La Cruz Pinta, El Carricito, El Vado, Tehueco, La carrera, Tetaroba, Capomos and the pantheon of the municipal head.

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