translated from Spanish: Disabled and senior solder will get their discount

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- In order to support people with different capacities, the manager of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Board of Mocorito, Fernando Nájar López, reported that he received a request that came from the state DIF, which came directly to municipal DIF where they apply for discounts to seniors and the disabled. He added that the board unanimously approved it, which will be a 25 percent discount from now on. He stressed that the only thing that would delay them would be system issues. He added that the only discount made was retired people with 50 percent.

Najar Lopez also said this will apply as long as people meet the requirements and are aware of their payments.» If you stop paying a month, for the next month you will get the normal debit, you must pay in full. They have to be very careful because the aid is very good and the rates are very low, plus they are fixed fees,» he said. The board manager stressed that this will impact them financially but it is not yet known to what extent. He detailed that anyone who is disabled must register in order to obtain this benefit, and noted that they must have the receipt in their name. It said they would be working on updating the standard and implementing the regulation so that all delinquency would decrease and that this could be balanced with the discounts that would be made to these people.
We will work to keep this from negatively impacting us,» Najar Lopez said.

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