translated from Spanish: Greta Thunberg questions her trip to Chile after suspension of COP25: «I’ll wait until I have more information»

The pigtails follow after the suspension of APEC and COP25 announced by President Sebastián Piñera. This time the star guest of the most relevant climate conference of the year, young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, reacted.
«COP25 will not be held in Chile. My thoughts are with the people of Chile,» Thunberg tweeted. «I’ve been advancing across the North American continent to Santiago, but since COP25 will move I’ll now wait until I have more information,» he added in the post.
Let us remember that the young Swedish woman arrived in America on 28 August, after traveling two weeks on an emissions-free sailboat. One of the main objectives of The Greta crossing through the Americas was precisely to attend COP25.
The UN has not yet confirmed which country will be in charge of organizing this year’s COP or when.
COY15 and Quintero
The agenda being shuffled with the young Swedish woman in our country included a visit to Quintero-Puchuncaví, for being classified as a «sacrificial zone» and reflecting the climate crisis in the world.
In addition. his participation in the fifteenth version of the Annual Conference of Youth (COY), organized between 28 and 30 November as an anteroom of COP25, was expected.
The organization of the meeting does not yet cancel and, in fact, the registration remains active for young people and youth organizations from different parts of the world to participate.
«At this time, as a COY15 team we are working to continue the conference, but we do not have enough information to make a final decision and are waiting for more official information from the UNFCCC Secretariat with logistical details. We are reviewing the circumstances and looking at the next steps to follow,» the organization said on social media.
In addition, they raised their vision for the social outburst currently experiencing Chile. «Socioeconomic and climate inequities are deeply related and it is important that as a young er we are able to build a collective dialogue on this, which deepens knowledge of the problem and the development of solutions, to combat climate change is to combat inequity and vice versa.»
The appointment is set in the halls of the Santa María Technical University of Valparaiso.
Support for demonstrations
The well-known environmental activist has given her social media support to the massive demonstrations in Chile.
«A beautiful view. 1 million people on the streets of Santiago,» Thunberg wrote on Instagram. The publication was accompanied by a postcard of «Chile’s Biggest March»: «My thoughts are with the people of Chile. Horrible to follow the developments of the last days …», he supplemented.
According to the latest report by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) in the country, there have been a total of 3,712 detainees and 1,233 wounded in hospitals.

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