translated from Spanish: INDH calls for international speciality on armaments used by Carabineros

The director of the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH), Sergio Micco, today called on state institutions to request an international report on armaments used by the police the control of public order, which has injured more than 700 people, during protests over social demands in the country.
«The most responsible thing is that an international opinion is requested about the composition of the objects that are thrown, whether balinese, rubber pellets or metal; and to know the composition, power, pressure and quantity of gunpowder of the tear bombs,» said Sergio Micco, director of the Institute.
According to the report developed by INDH observers until Yesterday 20 October 2019, the Institute has filed 167 legal actions since the protests began 14 days ago. Within them five are for murder, 120 for torture, of these 18 are for sexual violence; in addition to 13 protections, among other causes.
There have also been 4271 detainees in police stations directly recorded by INDH staff, and 1035 injuries were recorded in visits to health centres.

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