translated from Spanish: Ana Brenda and the health problems she faced when she went to the US

Ana Brenda Contreras is happy to return again to Mexico and is that she was doing some projects in the United States, which were a success, but what few knew was that the woman was in a sea of emotions while she was abroad.» I had many projects of anxieties, depression had been going through very difficult things about my dad’s departure, a lot of work you know me I have 17 years of career, not a single year I have stopped working and I do not complain, I am the happiest person in the world and I am very Grated to the public with the people…» said Ana Brenda for the show Today.

As if that weren’t enough, the actress said she was in a very thin line of falling into serious health problems if she didn’t take care of it, so she wanted to rest a little so she could reintegrate back into show business.

«But we also suddenly took a break and I don’t think I ever gave it to myself and I didn’t give it to myself when all my dad happened and well, because I went there to a whole new place totally different a move and I started, with that I can tell you that not much other people live much that it is not done mine, that is gastritis, colitis, depression, insomnia or stress or a thousand things… said Ana Brenda.
With professional help, family and friends Ana Brenda was able to overcome her problems which had her overwhelmed for several months, but now that she is much better her fans have sent her the best vibes.

«Other projects will come but the important thing is that she is well», «You are amazing perfect wonderful there is in this world the most beautiful and warrior woman like you all success in the world my love i love you,» they wrote to the famous.

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