translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro warns that he will not attend Fernandez’s investiture in Argentina

Brasilia.- The Brazilian representative, Jair Bolsonaro, advanced on Friday that he will not attend the investiture of the Peronist Alberto Fernández as Argentine president, scheduled for the next December 10 in Buenos Aires.» I’m not going,» he declared bluntly to Bolsonaro journalists, who during the campaign for elections in Argentina came to label the peronism candidate and now president-elect as a «left-wing bandit.»

The leader of the Brazilian far-right, who has already said that he does not intend to congratulate the president-elect, considered Argentina to be «in a complicated situation», although he clarified that he does not intend to take «any retaliation» against the new government, which will have as vice-president to former ms. Cristina Fernández.» Since he won, we are moving forward,» he noted, although he stressed, although he stressed as a complaint that «the first act» of the president-elect was «to ask for the freedom» of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, great political antagonist of Bolsonaro and in prison since April 2018, sentenced to eight years for corruption. Bolsonaro reiterated that his wish is that Fernandez’s government «has a relationship with Brazil similar» to that developed with the outgoing president, the conservative Mauricio Macri, with whom the Brazilian leader maintained a certain ideological closeness.

Fernández. / EFE.

Still, Bolsonaro’s continuing and harsh criticism of the electoral formula imposed in Argentina this week generated a personal complaint from the country’s current chancellor, Jorge Faurie.The minister reported that, on Thursday, he addressed a letter to the Brazilian ambassador to Argentina, Sérgio Danese, in which he considered the criticisms of the representative and his son, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, for the outcome of the elections in that country «inappropriate.» There are some expressions that are inappropriate, I have commented on it in a note that I have sent personally to the ambassador of Brazil,» Faurie said.The chancellor insisted that «we must preserve the importance of the bilateral bond and what this means» for two countries» for two countries who are strategic partners and have an intense relationship at all levels and even in Mercosur, a block they share with Uruguay and Paraguay.A the Brazilian representative’s tough comments on the formula that was imposed in last Sunday’s elections in Sunday Argentina, Mp Bolsonaro added this week a personal disqualification to Estanislao Fernández, son of the president-elect and drag queen.» Comment: that is not a meme,» the Deputy wrote on twitter, along with a photo of Stanislaus, dressed as a drag, which he accompanied with one of his posing alongside an arsenal of weapons, whose legalization his father’s government defends with fervor. 

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