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Mexico.- Experts from the Institute of Materials Research (IIM) of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) designed a special patch to reduce the regeneration time of the skin of diabetic people.
While anyone is susceptible to a skin injury, diabetes makes things more complex by causing various types of skin conditions related to this chronic disease. But the patch created by UNAM researchers, which was presented in the second edition of the Impulse to Innovation competition at UNAM, promises even to avoid amputations when used at a very early stage of the injury. In the case of a diabetic a wound can take months to heal, but according to the postdoctoral researcher of the IIM, María Concepción Peña Juárez, with their patch they managed «to make the regeneration a maximum period of 21 days», he said.
The patch is made of nanofibers, composed of nano and microparticles that port bioactives. When placed on an injury, the patch dissolves by releasing the assets preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and infections. Researchers hope that they will soon be able to count on the patent to be able to distribute the patch nationally and internationally.
The project was carried out in the Ricardo Vera Graziano laboratory, specialized in tissue engineering, and obtained the first place in the research project category, in the area of Technological Innovation.

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