translated from Spanish: Vandalizan city truck in Francisco I. Madero

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A rain of stones received an urban truck as it transited Pino Suárez Avenue, in the colony Francisco I. Madero. The aggression occurred on Thursday night at the height of the tolerance zone. The ‘projectiles’ shattered the glass of five windows and caused sharp injuries in three passengers, which were reviewed by Red Cross paramedics.


The information disseminated by leaders of the Mazatlan Truck Alliance agrees that the urban of the Route Centro Colonias number 10690 transited on Pino Suárez Avenue in the direction of the Uriah colony, when it received the stone attack. The driver stopped the march and sought help, as three passengers suffered minor injuries. During their investigations, they discovered that the attackers who allegedly took advantage of the Halloween party and uproar to commit the act of vandalism were teenagers.


No detainees were reported. The injured were treated at the scene, it was not necessary to transfer them to hospitals, the leaders said. The aggression led to the decision to suspend the route in the remainder of the night.

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