translated from Spanish: 17-year-old man killed in fire from Kayser factory had three holes in the chest that were not measured by the SML

Around noon on Sunday, October 20, Kayser’s factory in Renca was rant and then set on fire and five bodies would appear hours later. All charred.
The situation occurred the day after the social outburst and the first day of curfew in the midst of the State of Emergency decreed by the Government.
There are still doubts about their identities, because – due to the state of the bodies – family members cannot yet recognize the deceased and say whether or not they are the ones who gave up during the demonstrations.
The case is confusing and today, according to Interference, a not minor detail was released: Joshua Osorio Arias, one of the deceased, was 17 years old, was half second and his autopsy, which took place on October 21, he flung that his body had three holes in the t Orax.
According to the document to which the medium was accessed, the damage occurred specifically in the “right rear rib alseed, between ribs 10 and 11”. Whatever caused the holes also damaged Joshua’s rib number 10, which has chipping and jagged edges.
This detail raises even more doubts and there are those who also point out that these holes were not measured by the Legal Medical Service.
What is the origin of the holes in the chest?
Interference quotes a coroner who asked for a name reservation, who says the report is “OK.” “Increased pressure causes both the chest abdomen and/or skull to explode,” he said.
However, Luis Ranaval, an expert who deployed for the tragic san miguel prison fire, assured the previously recorded media outlet that the SML procedure was not correct.
“Describes, but does not analyze the holes in the back, it does not send samples for study of gunpowder residue or gunshot residue. What is the origin of the holes in the chest, which are not even measured? (…) No radiological description is made,” said Ranaval, who previously noted that “the corpses should not be buried until the autopsy reports are reviewed.”
“It is atypical that there is a hole with an isolated fracture without simultaneously affecting the rest of the ribs exposed to the same heat and fire conditions,” Ranaval added.

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